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from dream to reality

FUN TIMES HONEY was formulated by our expert, natural chemist to provide a unique, uplifting and euphoric experience. This honey does't need to be purchased in a dispensary because it's safe and legal—it will leave you WONDERing how that's even possible!! It's a crowd favorite because unlike other products in the market, this actually works!

All of our WONDERLAND products are made with love using only the finest natural ingredients, carefully crafted to bring you a sweet and enjoyable experience. All of our products pair perfectly with our revolutionary HAPPY WATERtry both today!


HAPPY WATER is a unique non-toxic blend that has a distinctive calming and relaxing effect. It's made with ZERO THC, making it safe for kids and adults—just add it to any beverage! An essential for every house, restaurant and venue. It's the ideal pairing with any of our WONDERLAND products. Now, instead of just having still or sparkling water, now you can add HAPPY WATER to your menu—you're welcome!

what's inside?

FUN TIMES HONEY is a unique blend of cannabinoids & terpene infused honey. Cannabinoids have a range of health benefits, so much so that the US Department of Health and Human Services filed a patent on their use as Aantioxidants and Neuroprotectants. Our innovative, newly patented absorption process, allows us to use a "less is more" approach to achieve our functional effects.

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